Sorry WP I’m out the door. Weary traveler: If you should happen upon this relic and would like to see what today’s true reality is spewing, come over to

Happy trails.


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Moving on…

I guess before getting any traffic whatsoever, I’ve decided to move on. I’ll send coordinates of the future site when I arrive.

This is all a lot like shadowboxing…

Why the move? Oh well…I guess because I want to start over and I think most of my colleagues at Musa Publishing are located over at a competing franchise. Maybe I can take advantage of some of their traffic if any wanderer happens a wrong turn. Muuhahaha.

So I hope to get the new joint up and running in time for Musa Publishing’s Blog Hop set to kick off on October 1st. Incentive? Chance to win a Kindle Fire not too mention entry through various windows of creative minds and a look through someone else’s eyes.

The party people are at

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mis pobres ojos rojos

since stumbling into this dustbowl

a year ago

my eyes have been red

i’ve left three times


the yucatan


the whites of my eyes

appeared again

the dust

the work

computer screen

textbooks, workbooks




any direction i look

bleeds the eyes

all the visine in the

world won’t fix

these poor windows

into this bloody soul

there’s only one remedy

and it’s moving on

only new sights

can save these eyes

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Blog Hop


My inconsistent blogging as well as my sparse postings are proof of my less than stellar blogging abilities. I’m resolved to get back on this horse from time to time in hopes of figuring this thing out.

Musa Publishing, which is set to publish Behind the Wheel in January of 2013, has invited Musa staff and authors to be part of a blog hop. What exactly is a blog hop? Well, when I get a better idea myself, I’ll fill you in or you can click on the following link to make your own inquiry.

Happy blogging all.

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Exit Strategies

Up against incredible odds, why break myself? I thought.

I’ll lie low and weather the storm.

When the time comes, I’ll make my break.

I’ll be slippery,sly and go undetected.

Make them think I’m playing the game.

It might even look like I’m enjoying it.

I’m already gone.

I’m far from here.

They don’t even know.

It’s not fair- this specific life- it’s not right.

Self preservation.

There’s more to be had.

She says she wants to stay.

I say she’s crazy and lacks imagination.

She says if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

I say it’s broke baby, it’s broke.

Broke and maybe not beyond repair, but not a job for me.

My work is elsewhere.

I’ll be leaving soon.


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I’m realizing I’m not much of a blogger. I like to let it well and swell then bleed and seep through the pores. I like to sit in the dark and slip the shadows and only throw pages from behind trees or in a swift blur of a drive-by.

Like Sherman Alexie said, there’s always something to write about. I just appreciate my 20/20 hindsight and prefer explosion to smolder.

‘Behind the Wheel’ is set for a January 13 release through Musa Publishing. They’ve kind of relegated me to abandoned stepchild status for the time being, but I know other brothers and sisters are standing in line ahead of me. I’m contemplating the phrase ‘pecking order.’

I’m still in Brazil and nobody’s getting me to leave without a fight. The two marriage arrangements didn’t quite work out, e o fudidão esta demorando, but there’s still hope he could come through with that work visa.

I haven’t been to the island for a month. In two weeks I’ll be there for nine days if all goes according to plan. No shoes, no shirt, and a roll of the dice. Surf, fogeiras, gatinhas, cervejinhas, churrasqueirinhas e minha galeira tambem.

I’ve recently completed a Portuguese to English translation titled A Flower in the Concrete that debuts in August or September. There should be a party and press event. Should open a few doors and maybe get me a few dates.

I’m looking forward to Jim Northrup’s newest novel out this fall, and that’s all for now.


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El Valle de los Penes

El Valle de los Penes. Yes, the name translates to The Valley of the Penises. A very cool but not at all sexually stimulating valley hidden somewhere in the Sierra Tarahumara.Image

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