A Sticky Situation

I fell into the trap

I took the bait

knew it was too good to be true and still proceeded without enough care

 thought wits and cunning would suffice

the web was spun more intricately than previously suspected

some sort of grand design by the Dark One himself

his minion, a small but ferocious Canadian arachnid

in the web I met others with a similiar story

none of us knew how it had come to that

we devised a plan

we figured united we’d stand

we were five

we thought we could match forces

but Spiderbaby had friends too

maybe they’re not given enough credit for their craftiness

a confrontation and we thought we were getting the upper hand

they feigned defeat and retreat

don’t ask me how they did it…

somehow those crafty devils beat us

somehow they got us not to take our exit somehow they got us to believe if we stayed it’d be better

somehow they got us

and there we were



About npeligeiro

N. Peligeiro is still trying his hand at teaching and learns more as he goes. He doesn’t subscribe to that whole “those who can’t do, teach” theory and he repents for being less than a model student back in Minnesota when he was young and knew he knew it all. Currently Mr. Peligeiro is probably somewhere in South America, but it’s hard to say because he moves around a lot and burns through money because he has a space between his two front teeth that he hasn’t gotten fixed yet even though an old Chinese sage told him it was bad physiognomy and he’d always have financial problems while the space remained. He likes to write when he’s got something to say. When he doesn’t he keeps his mouth shut and his pen capped.
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