A Thought or Two Before Not Sleeping Last Night

I burn and I need to burn

I’m no good a lull

I’m not right a hush

I’m no good here day after day

and it ain’t me to stick around

when I happen upon nights where I find the courage

(is it courage or is it fear behind a mask?) 

to lie down in an empty bed without chemical or astral alterations

too much yang in the absence of yin 

 I don’t sleep and myriad visions of blasting off play over and over on repeat taunting

can I sink into a long sleep while suffering from upward aspirations?

still I pray on all of those stone-cold creepy nights for miracles and a one-hundred year sleep

Gandalf the Grey before the metamorphosis and the big whiteout

some amnesia

some rebirth

something to cut

this bullshit is bullshit and this freshly squeezed sewer we’re supposed to accept is beyond unacceptable

it’s provoking, insulting, and number one or two reason for insomnia depending on the day of course

yes, London’s burning

Greece is smoldering and my patria bitches and moans while conditions turn more combustible with every barrel heaped on the juggernaut pile of IOUs and promissory notes

we all think that shit is bad but we don’t know just how bad it could get

and Africa continues to starve…

what about these switching poles? it’s about time

Babylon is a pyramid scheme that has hit the ceiling and will fall

again and again on repeat on skip

every new sun



About npeligeiro

N. Peligeiro is still trying his hand at teaching and learns more as he goes. He doesn’t subscribe to that whole “those who can’t do, teach” theory and he repents for being less than a model student back in Minnesota when he was young and knew he knew it all. Currently Mr. Peligeiro is probably somewhere in South America, but it’s hard to say because he moves around a lot and burns through money because he has a space between his two front teeth that he hasn’t gotten fixed yet even though an old Chinese sage told him it was bad physiognomy and he’d always have financial problems while the space remained. He likes to write when he’s got something to say. When he doesn’t he keeps his mouth shut and his pen capped.
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