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Sorry WP I’m out the door. Weary traveler: If you should happen upon this relic and would like to see what today’s true reality is spewing, come over to Happy trails. NP Advertisements

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Moving on…

I guess before getting any traffic whatsoever, I’ve decided to move on. I’ll send coordinates of the future site when I arrive. This is all a lot like shadowboxing… Why the move? Oh well…I guess because I want to start … Continue reading

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mis pobres ojos rojos

since stumbling into this dustbowl a year ago my eyes have been red i’ve left three times minnesota the yucatan sinaloa the whites of my eyes appeared again the dust the work computer screen textbooks, workbooks insomnia drinking rage… any … Continue reading

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Blog Hop


My inconsistent blogging as well as my sparse postings are proof of my less than stellar blogging abilities. I’m resolved to get back on this horse from time to time in hopes of figuring this thing out.

Musa Publishing, which is set to publish Behind the Wheel in January of 2013, has invited Musa staff and authors to be part of a blog hop. What exactly is a blog hop? Well, when I get a better idea myself, I’ll fill you in or you can click on the following link to make your own inquiry.

Happy blogging all.

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